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How can you help your athletes to get their mental game right... every time?


Anyone that's in the sports performance enhancement business knows just how important the mental component is. 

  • Good coaches already know a great deal about the psychology of their athletes and players.
  • So, why work with a sport psychology coach? 


Most coaches have a great deal of knowledge in certain areas of human performance psychology, but could benefit from some specialist input in other areas. The very best practitioners know when to tap into specialists in their field.

We work with team managers, performance directors, athletic directors and head coaches across the world, and in many different sports. Our role is simple; to help the coach maximise the performance of their athletes consistently.


We help coaches to...

  • Engineer focus, confidence and motivation
  • Deconstruct pressure
  • Develop ever better leadership and better teamwork
  • Create a world class culture & environment; athletes and staff who adopt world class thinking.
  • Develop mental toughness training for their sports teams and athletes
  • Control psychological momentum shifts.
  • Constantly improve the quality of preparation.


"Simon really helped me to understand the mechanisms behind building self confidence in athletes", English Premiership Football Manager. 


How do these apply to your coaching?
Here are some examples of our work with other coaches.



We are creating an organisation that is capable of delivering sustained success, year on year. We are working to improve every area of the organisation, from recruitment to reviewing performance. It is a full-scale performance enhancement programme that has already delivered trophies.


The 'Gaffer' and I focused on increasing the quality of the preparation and performance of the squad. We put processes in place to monitor the quality of training & preparation and then worked to make sure it had a positive impact on performance.


We focused on helping the coach to support his athletes more effectively during challenges and provided him with tools to help him manage motivation and engineer confidence within the athletes.


We worked closely together to help the coach understand how to assess his athletes' individual learning styles and how to use accelerated learning techniques to increase the effect of his coaching.




An insight into
World Class Thinking

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