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How can you get your mental game right... every time?


If we could...

  • Hone your focus
  • Control your confidence
  • Master your motivation
  • Deconstruct pressure
  • Love your 'discomfort zone'
  • Release your mental hand brake
  • Develop mental toughness
  • Understand how to control psychological momentum shifts.


Would you...

  • Increase your performance?
  • Increase your results?


Performance psychology can do more than just turn around below par performances, and help you when you're struggling for form.

We help athletes to consistently produce ever better performance.

We help athletes to adopt the characteristics of world class performers.

Imagine if you could...

  • Produce your peak performance every time.
  • Realise your potential.
  • Work towards becoming world class.


Find out how Chris Cook used performance coaching to progress from being a regional standard athlete to an Olympic finalist and double Commonwealth gold medallist.


Audio of Simon Hartley & Chris Cook at BCNE World Class Event


Please note - I am definitely NOT BPS Chartered, HPHC registered or an NLP Practitioner!!

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