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Psychological Momentum in Sport

Psychological momentum is a phenomenon that is commonly reported by players, coaches and commentators in sport.  Those who play, coach or watch sports will often see the players and teams winning or losing a string of points during a match. This dominance may shift many times during the course of a match. Perhaps one of the fascinations of sport is the ebb and flow that occurs within a contest. The famous come-backs in sport are prime examples of psychological momentum shifting.

For coaches, players and even applied sport psychologists, there are some obvious questions. What actually changes when psychological momentum shifts? How are changes initiated? What can we do to swing the momentum in our favour?

This session provides some practical strategies that have been tried and tested in elite and professional sport. I will share some examples from my work with world-class athletes, and discuss practical solutions to momentum shifts.

Broadcast Date: 12/01/11

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"Thank you so much – some great info", John Haime.

"Great examples of practical ways of changing momentum. 5/5". Larry Lauer. Director of Coach Education and Development.

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