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Maximum Performance in Soccer Webinar

Peak performances should not be left to chance! Rather than hoping that your team will perform at it’s best, why not engineer the performance? Great performance in sport should happen by design, not by chance.

‘It has really helped me to understand how to get the best from my team!’. Matthew Falk, Head Coach.

This webinar provides very practical strategies to help anyone engineer their ideal mind-set and consistently achieve peak performance. It uses illustrations and real world examples from world class players and teams. During the session, I share some strategies that have been successful for me in both elite and professional sport. Specifically, I share strategies that help players and teams to control confidence, master motivation and hone their focus. I have found that these are 3 of the fundamental keys to performance. The session contains real life examples and case studies, which will help you to put these strategies into practice.

Broadcast Date: 3/11/10

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User Comments:

“Thank you!”, Brad Andrews. Soccer Coach.

“Fantastic, thank you. Great value”. Lee Williams. Director of Coaching.

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