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Master Motivation in Soccer Webinar

For many people, motivation fluctuates. Some days they are driven and other days they struggle to fully apply themselves. Motivation is know as the ‘why of behaviour’. It underpins why we do some things and don’t do others. In this session we identify the factors that affect our motivation. We look at practical strategies that we can use to positively influence our own motivation and the motivation of others. I use real life examples from my work with elite soccer players and teams to shows how we can boost motivation. We look at how to create a motivational environment and strategies that we can use to get the most from players.

Broadcast Date: 10/11/10

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User Comments:

“Superb, 5/5”. Daniel Reasoner. Soccer Coach

“This is exactly what soccer coaches need”. Darren Laver. Director. International Street Soccer Association.

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