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Maximum Performance in Sales Webinar

Peak performances should not be left to chance! Rather than hoping that you will perform at your best, why not engineer your performance? Great performance in business should happen by design, not by chance.

‘The session really helped me to boost the output of my team. Simple but very effective’, Richard Jacobs, Sales Director.

This webinar provides very practical strategies to help anyone engineer their ideal mind-set and consistently achieve peak performance. It uses illustrations and real world examples from world class athletes and executives. Specifically, I share strategies that help people to control confidence, master motivation and hone their focus. The session contains real life examples and case studies, which will help you to put these strategies into practice. The session is perfect for you if you have ever thought…

“I know my team is capable of more, but they don’t always deliver their potential”.

“I need to find a way of motivating everyone when the going gets tough”.

“Sales is 90% confidence. When confidence is low, sales are low. I need a solution”.

“We are not short on energy and enthusiasm, but it doesn’t seem to translate into results”.

Broadcast Date: 2/11/10

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User Comments:

“Very insightful. 5/5”. Kevin Wilson, Global Processes HR Manager.

“Excellent session, thank you. 5/5”. Mark Ions, Managing Director.

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