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Hone Your Focus for Business Webinar

“Progress has little to do with speed, but much to do with direction.” Anon

Over the years I have been worked with a lot of people in sport and business, from those at the very pinnacle to those learning the ropes. No matter what level, there is something that successful people have in common – their ability to focus!

In order to achieve a peak performance, we need to be able to hone and control our focus. This is true for long term focus and immediate focus. In business and sport, success is often achieved through many years of consistent high quality application. This requires long term focus. Equally, any performance also requires the performer to hone their focus ‘in the moment’. In this session, I share real life examples and the practical exercises which help athletes and executives to hone their focus.

Broadcast Date: November 2010.

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“Fantastic. Really useful. Thank you”. Jacki Elson. Communications Manager.

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