Two Lengths of The Pool;

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Two Lengths of The Pool;

Two Lengths of The Pool
Sometimes the simplest ideas have the greatest impact.
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Chris Cook was a 100 meter swimmer, in a 50 meter pool. He had a very simple job; to swim two lengths of a pool as quickly as he could. When we understood his job, in the simplest possible terms, he became incredibly effective.

Find out how this simple idea helped Chris become a world class athlete, and how it can help you become exceptional. Watch the video and Chris will explain.

"Clarity; laser focused clarity!" - World record breaking athlete, Andy McMenemy.

Do you ever feel as if you've got too much to do, and too little time to do it? Are there just too many competing demands? Are you fighting too many battles, on too many fronts? Do you find yourself working incredibly hard, but struggling to be productive?

This book will help you to simplify and clarify what you do. It will help you develop razor sharp focus. Razor sharp focus will help you to become infinitely more effective. It will give you ever greater productivity, improved performance and ultimately better results.

Imagine if you could have the intense focus of an Olympic athlete. How much more effective could you be? How much more productive would you be if we cleared out the clutter and distraction that are holding you back? What if you could help those around you do the same?

You can now apply the simple principles that have helped transform the performance of Olympians, championship winning sports teams and highly successful businesses. The principles contained in this book have literally helped athletes become world class.

"The concept works – it allows you to focus on what is vital for your business, what it is that you are truly looking to achieve. More importantly, it gives you a powerful yet practical and simple method to achieving this" - Mark Ions, Managing Director at Exclusive Ltd.

There's also a stack of free bonus material that you can access once you've read this book. So, don't delay. Take control of your performance today!

About the Author

Simon Hartley is globally respected sport psychology consultant and performance coach. He helps athletes and business people throughout the world to get their mental game right. During the last 17 years, He has worked with gold medallists, world record holders, world champions, top 5 world ranked professional athletes and championship winning teams.

Simon has worked at the highest level of sport, including spells in Premiership football, Premiership rugby union, First Class County Cricket, Super League, golf, tennis, motor sport and with Great British Olympians.

Since 2005, Simon has also applied the principles of sport psychology to business, education, healthcare and the charity sector. This has included projects with some of the world's leading corporations and foremost executives.

Recently, Simon has also become a respected author and professional speaker. His first book, Peak Performance Every Time, was published by Routledge in 2011. He followed this with his second, How to Shine, which was published by Capstone in 2012. Simon has also delivered three Be World Class Conferences, which are available online at


"Clarity, Laser focussed Clarity! That is probably the most important primary quality that Simon will inspire in you; he certainly has for me.

Without this laser focussed clarity that Simon helps us to develop here, we simply create our very own human hamster wheel of activity that doesn't take us anywhere near where we want to go. Instead, it breeds frustration and a low self-image; generated by weak results from high levels of enthusiastic 'misdirected' effort.

The reason many of Simon's clients do succeed and do achieve outstanding world class results, is because they have the right influencer who helped them gain Clarity, laser focussed Clarity of purpose. They know, understand and own their "2 lengths of the pool"

I am further inspired by watching Simon own his "2 Lengths of the pool" through our Challenge 2014".

- Andy McMenemy, World-record breaking ultra-distance athlete and inspirational speaker.


"This book exemplifies Simons' unique ability to break down the complexities of life. His '2 Lengths' concept has dramatically changed my individual coaching program, and my life. It has enabled me to simplify my clients' process, and show them how to achieve greatness in their craft".

- Greg Liberto, The HEAD Coach at


"Simon Hartley's newest book, "Two Lengths of the Pool", gives us a look at how a champion athlete's simplicity in task understanding helped him create the best process to succeed. It goes beyond wins and losses to the heart of what drives change-consistent and accumulated adjustments- and speaks to anyone with a job to do. Taking world-class athletic performance activities and transferring them into the business world is both useful and inspiring. This is a must read for anyone who is bogged down by distractions, endless to-do lists and organizational "noise".

- Linda Wawrzyniak. Chair, Quality in Athletics. American Society for Quality


"Five years ago I listened intently as a new, simple and innovative approach to developing teams and achieving success was delivered by Simon and Chris. ‘Two Lengths of the Pool' was born and my desire to ensure that everyone within my business was on the same page, that everyone was aiming for the same goals and that everyone was achieving, ensured early adoption of the Two Lengths concept.

From experience I know that basic tick box appraisals will not achieve success. So what will? Simple – implementing, running and reviewing using the two lengths principles both personally and within your businesses.

The concept works – it allows you to focus on what is vital for your business, what it is that you are truly looking to achieve. More importantly, it gives you a powerful yet practical and simple method to achieving this.

Businesses fail due to a lack of clarity on direction, expectation and understanding.

Two Lengths allows you to define and refine your own personal business objectives; it allows your team to define and understand their own objectives and how these interlink to the businesses goals. Ultimately, it allows you total, quantifiable success for you and your business. A major achievement for any business owner."

- Mark Ions, Founder and Managing Director of Exclusive Ltd –