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Habits of World Class Coaches

What is it that seperates the very best coaches in their fields? World Class coaches are not necessarily those who work with the biggest names. They are not necessarily the ones with the best win / loss records or the ones who earn the most. However, world class coaches all display very similar characteristics that ensure they stay at the very pinnacle of their field. This session identifies the habits and characteristics of world class coaches from a variety of fields. I will share my experiences of working with coaches in sport and business and highlight the key things that differentiate the very best.

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Broadcast Date: 26/01/11

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User Comments:

“Thank you so much”, James Proud, Performance Director.

“Wonderful. Incredibly enlightening. 5/5?. Paul Aitkin. Executive Coach.

“I have been on many coaching workshops and seminars. This one will actually help me be a better coach! Thank you”. Neil Dowson. Business Coach.

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